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Title: Set of Frosted Glass Rose Candlesticks
Category: Glass
Category Listing: Glassware
Description: Set of glass candlesticks from Norway, purchased in the 1970s. Each stands about 3 inches high. Each round base is 3.5 inches wide. Can be used with standard 10 inch taper candles (or higher). The base of each candlestick is decorated with leaves, the rest is an open tulip flower. Together, set weighs approximately 1.75 pounds. Packaged for shipping would weigh about 4 pods. Buyer pays shipping.
Size: 3.5 wide, 3 inches high
Weight: 1.75 pounds for both, shipping weight about 4 pounds.
Price: 22.95

Title: Cut Glass Round Dish
Category: Crystal, Glass
Category Listing: Glassware, Antiques
Description: An antique from the late 1920s! A cut glass round dish, 5 inches across, 1 inch high. Scalloped rim decorated with 3 hobstars, each with 20 points. Two of the scalloped rims have a blemish on the outside. Buyer pays shipping.
Size: 5 inches wide, 1 inch high
Price: $23.50

Title: Formal Dining Room Carving Fork
Category: Silverplated
Category Listing: Kitchenware
Description: An antique meat fork used for holding large cuts of met still during carving. This is a two tined fork with a hand grip – handgrip approximately 3.5 x 1.5 inches. Each tine is 6 inches long. Tines are approximately 2.5 inches apart. It weighs 10 ounces, and the round shield is 2.5 inches across. Dates from the late 1920s, and is in good condition.
Size: 9.25 inches long overall
Weight: 10 ounces
Price: $42.75

Title: Cut Glass Antique Round Cologne Decanter
Category: Glass
Category Listing: Decanter
Description: Cut Glass Antique Round 12 ounce Cologne Bottle. Bottle decorated with hobstars and fans. The neck is ringed by ornamental dots. Throat of container is brass. Buyer pays shipping.
Size: 3.5 inches tall, 2 7/8 inches wide.
Price: $43.95

Title: Cut Glass Relish Dish, Oblong
Category: Glass
Category Listing: Antique
Description: An antique from the late 1920s! Cut Glass Antique oblong shaped dish with scalloped sides. Decorated with crosscut diamond design. 7 7/8 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches high with notched edgetop. The top of one scallop has a very, very small blemish, not easily seen. Buyer pays shipping.
Size: 7 7/8 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches high
Weight: 12 ounces
Price: $56.25

Title: Cut Glass Antique Rectangular Dish
Category: Crystal, Glass
Category Listing: Glassware, Antique
Description: An antique from the late 1920s! Cut Glass Antique rectangular dish, 10 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 1 7/8 inches high with scalloped rim with notched edges. There are two very small blemishes on the bottom of the dish. Buyer pays shipping.
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Price: $46.50

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