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The Big Book of African American Activities

Out of the Mouths of Slaves

Let's Quilt Our African American Heritage

Carole Marsh

Teaching black heritage is easy to do with the proper teaching tools! This series equips you with materials such as an easy to use mini reference of some of the most important historical events, biographies that show students that success is not uncommon or impossible, questions for discussion, informative teacher resource guide with effective and fun ways to help you teach African American Heritage in 20 class days, activities that assess comprehension while incorporating fun and more! This all new series makes Black Heritage Studies fun and interactive while bringing your students up to speed on the awesome achievements of African Americans throughout history and today!
PB = Paperback, HC = Hard Cover

015730GP Black Trivia: The African American Experience PB $ 7.95
BJHTRI-GP Black Trivia: The African American Experience HC $29.95
015781GP Best of Black Biographies PB $ 7.95
BJHBES-GP Best of Black Biographies HC $29.95
01579XGP Color Purple & All That Jazz PB $ 7.95
BJHCOLPUR-GP Color Purple & All That Jazz HC $29.95
015773GP Let's Quilt Our African American Heritage PB $ 7.95
BJHQUI-GP Let's Quilt Our African American Heritage HC $29.95
015811GP The Kitchen House PB $ 7.95
BJHKIT-GP The Kitchen House HC $29.95
015803GP "Out of the Mouths of Slaves" PB $ 7.95
BJHOUT-GP "Out of the Mouths of Slaves" HC $29.95
01582XGP Black Business PB $ 7.95
BJHBUS-GP Black Business HC $29.95
015714GP Big Book of African American Activities PB $ 9.95
015722GP Black Heritage Gamebook PB $ 7.95
015749GP Our Black Heritage Coloring Book PB $ 3.95
015757GP Celebrating Black Heritage PB $ 5.95
SP-BJCS-GP 1 copy of each PB title $79.45
SP-BJCS-GP 1 copy of each HC title $233.45
SPBJCB30-GP Coloring Book Set - 30 $118.50
SP-BJGB30-GP Gamebook Set - 30 copies $238.50

The Kitchen House

Black Trivia: The African American Experience

Celebrating Black Heritage


Our Black Heritage Coloring Book

The Color Purple and All That Jazz

Black Heritage Gamebook


African Americans You Need to Know

Discover some of the nation's most important African Americans who have roots in Michigan. 60 pages.

011MHM Paperback $9.95



Black American Series

A widely acclaimed and continuing series of profusely illustrated biographies of accomplished African Americans; meticulously researched and written in a direct entertaining style. The books are full indexed and printed in quality paperback format. Fascinating reading for all ages! $4.95 each.

7802HH Henry Aaron
7934HH Alvin Ailey
5745HH Mohammad Ali
5583HH Louis Armstrong
7810HH Arthur Ashe
7918HH Crispus Attucks
5648HH James Baldwin
7764HH Count Basie
5907HH James Beckwourth
7721HH Harry Belafonte
7837HH Mary McLeod Bethune
8949HH George W. Carver
790XHH Ray Charles
7896HH Robert Church
5931HH Nat King Cole
5966HH Bill Cosby
773XHH Frederick Douglass
5885HH W.E.B. Du Bois
7845HH Paul L. Dunbar
7756HH Katherine Dunham
5869HH Duke Ellington
594XHH Medgar Evers
5532HH Ella Fitzgerald
8957HH Marcus Garvey
563XHH Althea Gibson
7780HH Dizzy Gillespie
5567HH Matthew Henson
5605HH Chester Himes
5613HH Billie Holiday
5729HH Lena Horne
5915HH Langston Hughes
7829HH Zora N. Hurston
8930HH Mahalia Jackson
5575HH Scott Joplin
5982HH Barbara Jordan
7926HH B.B. King
5737HH Martin L. King, Jr.
5702HH Joe Louis
8965HH Malcolm X
5842HH Thurgood Marshall
5877HH Willie Mays
7799HH Elijah Muhammad
5672HH Jesse Owens
5958HH Gordon Parks
5664HH Sidney Poitier
7772HH A. Philip Randolph
5524HH Paul Robeson
5559HH Jackie Robinson
5655HH Wilma Rudolph
5591HH Sojourner Truth
5896HH Nat Turner
7861HH Sarah Vaughn
5974HH Madam C. J. Walker
5990HH Booker T. Washington
7853HH Ida B. Wells
7969HH Oprah Winfrey
5621HH Richard Wright

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